Our Mission Statement:

Trash Me Not, LLC’s mission is to make vegan zero waste living easy via providing locally made plastic-free options, consulting services for beginners, and zero waste party planning. We want to support local communities and talent as much as possible, while lowering our emissions. Thus, we will not be shipping all willy nilly. Each store that is opened in the future will only focus on local talents that help everyone live a zero-waste lifestyle. We know you want your region’s economy to grow! Get to know your neighbors and shop at Trash Me Not LLC! If you’re in Eugene, Oregon and want to place an order- we deliver via bike!


We fund Zero-Waste Oregon Meet-Up as a means to encourage zero-waste vegan networking for both moral support and educational purposes. We believe at the center of a preparedness is understanding how to keep your neighborhoods clean: water, air, and soil! If you enjoy documentaries, canning & sewing classes, reduce food waste courses, wine nights for networking, or how to build your own tiny home check us out! We believe an educated public body is best fit to make decisions in regards to what lifestyle is best for them and their surrounding communities. Join us for free at Zero-Waste Oregon


We will ship your purchase within three business days after receiving the order. We will strictly be shipping to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California in an effort to lower our emissions. Please DO NOT PURCHASE if you are outside of this zone! Thank you for your understanding. Stay posted on pop-ups near you!

Our Vendors:

Currently 100% of our vendors are from the Pacific Northwest due to store’s current location: Oregon. We search for vendors who are passionate for the environment as well as human and animal rights.

About the Founders:

Kris & Megan are just two ethical vegans who believe that living zero waste is part of being vegan. With birds and aquatic life choking on micro-plastics, we feel consuming plastic only contributes to their demise. We have made huge changes in the last year! That being said, it is important for us to say we are not perfect. Plastic is a HARD thing to avoid, but we have overcome many obstacles and hope to help you do the same.


Are you interested in investing in Trash Me Not LLC or opening up a location in your region? Please contact us below!


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