Trashy Ain’t Classy

about the owners KRIS & MEGAN:


We are both dedicated vegans. Megan went vegan in 2013. Kris went vegan in 2017 after discovering the joys of Califia Farms. We have a deep passion for animal-rights, which is what led us to the Zero-Waste Movement led by Bea Johnson. This was met with many challenges. When we wanted dryer balls, all we found were wool! When we wanted floss, it was made from silk! After doing some digging we decided no vegan should struggle the way we have and opened up Trash Me Not, LLC in August of 2018. It has been a slow start, but we see a bright future for all of us moving forward.


Phone: 541-357-8230

Email: customerservice@trashmenot.com

Mailing Address: 1056 Green Acres Rd #293 Eugene, OR 97408